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The Bougie Waffle

Bougie Waffle -

We Bring the Bougie to Brunch!

The Food Truck

The Bougie Waffle Food Truck crisscrosses the state of Minnesota, delivering delectable treats that delight taste buds and satisfy appetites. Let us elevate your event with our premier food truck catering services.

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From elegant corporate events to intimate gatherings, our chefs are prepared to deliver exceptional culinary experiences. Each dish is crafted with love in our kitchen to make your special occasion unforgettable.

Who we are

The Bougie Waffle is a social impact organization that strives to provide historically underserved youth with opportunities to receive training, education, and exposure to various careers in the food industry. Unfortunately, many young people are relegated to entry-level positions such as cashiering, stocking, and dishwashing, which do not provide opportunities for professional advancement or a livable wage. Our organization recognizes that economic disparities often serve as a precursor to system involvement within the communities we support. As such, we aim to provide a pathway for success and growth for our youth through the food industry

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