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Goals for 2023

# 1 priority is hiring youth for FULL-TIME employment at a living wage. 

- Continued community program & business collaborations 

-Brick & Mortar Location for the Youth Café!!

-Food Truck #2 

Sponsored event



"Within six months of launching, The Bougie Waffle has become a full-fledged business and a dream realized. It is a testament to our work ethic, tenacity, teamwork, and, oh yes, OUR FOOD! I am proud to say that The Bougie Waffle is gaining a reputation for having fantastic, unique, beautiful, and versatile food and outstanding customer service.


And... we are more than that. The Bougie Waffle supports youth in addressing their immediate short-term needs while helping them discover long-term solutions and self-agency.

In the years to come, we will see the FIRST-EVER youth café; a safe space dedicated to and for historically underserved youth, in Minneapolis.


Until then, we will continue to grow our business, sell our delicious sweet & savory waffles, and be a rolling example of what happens when you replace system involvement with community care."

- Ms. Jada



Our success has been made possible because of people like you.


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