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Village Café &                  Resource Center


For young people experiencing an immense amount of change in their lives, Village Café & Resource Center provides them a safe, non-judgmental space to access community-based resources and interventions that support their stability.

Village Café & Resource Center was formally established in 2020, focusing on providing historically underserved youth with basic living resources. Soon, we became organized and empowered to expand that vision by providing youth with direct support services, connections to long-term support, and ACCESS, to life-affirming culturally responsive care.

To learn more about the Village Café & Resource Center, our mission, vision, and current projects, please do not hesitate to call Ms. Jada at 763.458.7069

Cafe Interior

"Passion Led Us Here"

Youth Café [ yOOth ka - fay] a space for young people where they are welcome to congregate socially, create experiences, and curate conversations with artists, community leaders, policy makers and educators on subject matter that is important to them.

"Purpose Keeps Us Going"


Ms. Jada (A.K.A)
The Bougie Waffle Lady

Jada Williams, the Founder of Village Café & Resource Center and The Bougie Waffle has always been an individual that seeks answers in ways that fuel her innate ability to lead. She is resilient, bold, and fearless in her pursuit of community and bridging the gap between disparities and providing valuable resources to youth.

In her role as Program Director in Adolescent Programming, she worked directly with young men whose ages ranged from 13-20. These youth walked into the facility with feelings of hostility towards adults, authority, and society in general. Quite contrary to what these kids were used to Jada, or as they would call her, “Mama Jada,” had the ability to walk into a room and yield a sense of acceptance and belonging to each and every person in the room. When things were tense and the kids felt out of place, it was Jada that connected the pieces back together as a pillar of transitional change.  Jada’s ability to lead with effective engagement and support enabled not only the youth to feel at ease with their futures, but she was the cement that brought family, staff, and the community at large together. 

Jada is a regenerative power that our community needs. She is a visionary that tackles social challenges that affect youth, and her work with the Village Café & Resource Center/The Bougie Waffle, will continue to foster access, empowerment, and support to underserved youth throughout the community - FG (co-worker & Friend)

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